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Throwback: hands-on with the original iPhone


The original iPhone was released in the US on June 29, 2007. Mere hours later, our old friend David Chartier posted his first impressions of the 8 GB marvel. It's fun to reflect on our glee over the debut of such ground-breaking device. Note the old-school TUAW logo while you're at it!

David notes that "Google Maps is surprisingly responsive, even over EDGE." Could you imagine praising EDGE speeds today? How quickly we become jaded. Also: Google Maps installed by default!

Some experiences are the same. In 2007, we noted: "The SMS app looks like iChat and almost sounds like iChat; it features a different sound for incoming SMSes, but the default iChat sound for sending SMS messages." We still have the colored speech bubbles and old iChat sound. Also, "Snapping a picture on the camera features a virtual shutter that snaps shut and open again once the picture is done being snapped and saved. Kinda silly, but more entertaining than a 'saving' or 'please wait' message."

Then there's this: "The 160 dpi display is even more gorgeous than in the videos and up on stage in a keynote." Oh, my. How far we've come.

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