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Xbox One shows off 65 new indies: Playdead, Behemoth, Ska, Fatshark


More than 200 developers currently have Xbox One dev kits through Microsoft's indie outreach program, ID@Xbox, Director Chris Charla announced on Xbox Wire. He provided a list of 65 unannounced Xbox One developers, including the following notables:

Limbo studio Playdead, Monaco port team Empty Clip Studios, War of the Roses developer Fatshark, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD studio Robomodo, Crush3D team Zoe Mode, Gateways developer Smudged Cat Games, QUBE studio Toxic Games and new developer 4gency, working on space base sandbox game, Habitat. 4gency founder Charles Cox helped launch the Xbox One before going indie in September.

Microsoft veterans such as Ska Studios (Charlie Murder), Mediatonic (Foul Play), The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) and Humble Hearts (Dust: An Elysian Tail) are also on board for Xbox One. A few studios with projects exclusive to PS4 are on Microsoft's list, such as Bloober Team (Basement Crawl) and Compulsion Games (Contrast), and even Triple Town developer Spry Fox, whose next game, Road Not Taken, is in development for PS4, Vita and desktops.

See the 65 developers that Microsoft wants to show off below.

  • 4gency
  • A Crowd of Monster
  • Alientrap Games
  • The Behemoth
  • BetaDwarf
  • Big Ant Studios
  • Bloober Team
  • Blowfish Studios
  • Brain in a Jar
  • Brushfire Games
  • Cherry Pop Games Ltd
  • Codeglue
  • Code-Monkeys
  • Compulsion Games
  • Crunching Koalas
  • Deco Digital
  • Empty Clip Studios
  • Escalation Studios
  • EXOR Studios
  • FarSight Studios
  • Fatshark
  • Flix Interactive
  • Four Door Lemon Ltd
  • Frambosa
  • Frima
  • Glass Bottom Games
  • HB Studios
  • Headup Games
  • Heart Machine
  • Holmade Games
  • Humble Hearts LLC
  • I Fight Bears
  • Implausible Industries
  • Iridium Studios
  • iSquared Games Ltd
  • Larian Studios
  • Mediatonic
  • MeinMein
  • Mighty Rabbit Studios
  • Mimimi Productions
  • nDreams Ltd
  • NeocoreGames
  • No Goblin
  • n-Space
  • Piwot
  • Pixel Balloon
  • Playdead
  • Rebellion
  • Relentless Software
  • RetroCoders
  • Ripstone
  • Robomodo
  • Ska Studios
  • Smudged Cat Games Ltd
  • Snowrunner
  • Spry Fox
  • Tiny Castle Studios
  • Toxic Games
  • Vector Unit
  • Vertigo Games BV
  • VooFoo Studios
  • Warhorse Studios
  • WaterMelon
  • Xona Games
  • Zoë Mode

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