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Disgaea characters assemble in fiend-finder Demon Gaze


NIS America has announced some cross-game synergy is coming to PS Vita dungeon crawl Demon Gaze. After Kadokawa Games' quirky RPG launches for PS Vita on April 22, early adopters will be able to download some popular characters from NIS America's Disgaea series: Etna, Fionne, Sicily, Asagi and Prinny. All five will be free for the first month of Demon Gaze's availability.

Demon Gaze stars Oz, a vagabond with the ultimate fashion accessory: a magical eye that can be used to capture demons. When Oz isn't exploring dungeons and sealing away these dark entities, he's hanging at the local inn, befriending NPC characters and probably putting in a bunch of eye drops.
[Image: NIS America]

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