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Ether One cures mental illness with telekinetic projection on March 25


Ether One takes place in the middle of the 20th century, when an advancement in telekinetic technology cures certain cases of mental illness and memory loss. Specific people, called Restorers, are able to enter a person's memories and restructure broken images. Traversing a person's memories can be tense and frantic, and it involves a point-and-shoot camera, apparently.

It's a first-person exploration game with layers: It's an exploration of the fragile human mind, an exploration of a new world, and an exploration of complicated puzzles. The mechanics themselves are up to the player. Ether One can be completed as an exploration game alone, or as an adventure in deciphering riddles "to restore life-changing events of the patient's history in order to help the validation of their life." Talk about responsibility.

Ether One was Greenlit last year and is due out for PC on March 25 from UK indie studio White Paper Games. The teaser trailer shows off what looks to be a sterile, industrial-style dentist chair being lowered into a mechanized containment sphere. The screenshots, however, display markedly different settings: a rustic seaside village and a large water facility. Ether One's website reads, "Welcome to Pinwheel."

We're not sure why, but that seems ominous.
[Images: White Paper Games]

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