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Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer goes free for a week on March 3

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerrilla Games are planning a party, and everyone's invited, Helghast and Vekta alike. To celebrate the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall's first free map update, the two companies have announced that Shadow Fall multiplayer battles will be free to any and all PS4 owners for a week starting March 3. Those wanting to get in on the fray need neither a PlayStation Plus subscription nor a copy of Shadow Fall, as a free client will be available for download.

Those who play the free trial will be able to compete on global leaderboards in Capture and Team Deathmatch, and all clans - including those made up of trial players - are eligible to win the Clan Community Challenge. The details and prizes of said Challenge haven't been revealed yet, but you know how these Helghast are - they don't uncloak until they're good and ready.

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