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I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you see that scene in the South Park game


A leaked image shows what European console players see instead of the scenes censored out of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Clearly, Michaelangelo's David is not impressed.

The text below (see the NSFW full image below the break) describes in blunt detail what players aren't seeing, and that comprises seven scenes removed from the EMEA Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, each around 20 seconds long. In Australia it looks to be the same deal, except the still image is of a crying koala instead of David.

When asked about the EMEA censorship, an Ubisoft spokesperson told Eurogamer "this was a market decision." As Eurogamer notes, Ubisoft's decision may be tied to ensuring the game was fit for release in Germany, where stricter guidelines on games are enforced.

The Stick of Truth brings its mix of indelicate humor and Obsidian roleplay to retail shelves this week: first North America on March 4, then Australia March 6, and Europe March 7.

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