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Ultra Street Fighter 4's Edition Select lets you nerf the nerfs


Ultra Street Fighter 4 includes a new Edition Select feature that allows players to choose between the various Street Fighter 4 versions of a character. If you want to play as Chun-Li, for example, you can select her build from a choice of the original 'vanilla' SF4, Super SF4, Super SF4 Arcade Edition, Super SF4 Arcade Edition ver. 2012, or the new Ultra SF4 version.

All those versions over the years have brought tweaks a-plenty as Capcom implemented new features and tried to balance things up. Of course, some characters fell foul of those tweaks, and Sagat was one of the more infamous casualties. Now, players can bring Vanilla Sagat back from the dead to Tiger Uppercut some wrongs - or, if they so wish, they can face off the weakest SF4 characters in history against the strongest. With Edition Select, Ultra SF4 looks to be a journey through space, time, and nerfs.

"Besides seeing matches that were never before possible, I'm also extremely excited to see what players with present day knowledge will be able to find out with the older versions of the characters," wrote Peter 'ComboFiend' Rosas on Capcom Unity. "I can only imagine how many times players have thought, 'If I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now, I would do so much damage.' Until a time machine is invented, this will have to suffice."

Capcom is releasing Ultra Street Fighter 4as an add-on for Super SF4 and as a bundle that includes Ultra SF4, Super SF4, and all the released Super SF4 costumes. The downloadable add-on arrives on consoles in early June for $15, and on PC two months later. The bundle is also due in August, priced at $40 on consoles and $30 on PC.

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