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Warning: Yet another wave of phishing emails targets Apple users


Email scam artists seemingly love Apple users, and following on the tail end of a widespread Apple ID phishing attempt earlier this year, a new round of sketchy emails has descended upon a large number of email addresses. Unlike the previous scam -- which claimed that a user's Apple ID had been disabled for security reasons -- the newest version simply asks you to "confirm your account within 48 hours" using a provided link.

The email can be sent from a number of different email addresses, but mine came from "appleid[at]id[dot]appleidupdates[dot]com" and included a gray background, Apple logo, and Apple copyright. Needless to say, if you find this email in your inbox or spam filter, delete it and don't look back.

Remember, Apple will never ask you to confirm your account details or change your password by clicking a link embedded in an email. Using your cursor to hover over any links on the page, especially the shady "Verify Now" link, will usually point to a domain that is clearly not associated with Apple.

The safest way to ensure your account is updated is to simply log into your Apple ID via iTunes, and when nothing seems amiss you can feel good that you've outsmarted the scam artists. Be sure to share this warning with any friends or family members who may be less web-savvy, as they are typically the ones who fall victim to such attacks. Stay safe!

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