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WildStar not sending out more mass beta invitations... for this phase

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you a hopeful citizen of Nexus who still has not been invited to the WildStar beta? Kind of bad news, then, as the community team has confirmed that no more large-scale beta invitations are in the works for the rest of this phase of beta testing. While there are still plans to help people get into weekend beta events, it looks as if the majority of testers currently in the game are pretty much it.

Wait a second -- this phase of beta? No, the tweets don't say that there's another beta phase incoming, but that's certainly the implication, which would mean that the game is creeping that much closer to an open beta and a possible release date. So that's good news, although it still doesn't make up for the fact that anyone not already in will be stuck on the outside for the rest of this phase.

[Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!]

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