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Sleeper Cartel invites you to their anniversary celebrations

Alex Ziebart

If you've been reading WoW Insider for a long time now, or even been a part of the larger World of Warcraft community, the guild name Sleeper Cartel may mean something to you. Back in the day, they threw some of the grandest server parties WoW has ever seen. We hadn't heard much from them since they won a Guild of the Month contest with us back in late 2009. But now they're back ... with a vengeance! Wait, no. Not vengeance. With another party.

On Saturday, March 15 at 7 p.m. Mountain time, Sleeper Cartel will be celebrating its 9th anniversary on the Perenolde server's Timeless Isle. Players of all shapes and sizes are invited, even those not native to Perenolde. Head over to Sleeper Cartel's guild website for further details.

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