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Dell charging EU customers for Firefox installation, Mozilla's not having it


Installing a web browser is not a challenging task. In fact, you probably installed the one you're using today all by yourself. Nevertheless, Dell is offering to take the burden off the hands of customers in Europe. The cost of avoiding a few lazy double clicks? Only £16 in the UK or €19.60 (about $26.74) the EU. The bizarre service can be found on the accessories page when ordering select workstations, specifically the OptiPlex 7010. It's a strange and unnecessary option, harkening back to Best Buy's silly PS3 Firmware upgrade surcharge. It's also a blatant violation of Mozilla's trademark policy, which states that companies may not charge for the company's software in its unaltered, Mozilla-branded form. According to The Register, Mozilla is already looking into the matter. That said, there's no reason for anybody to buy this absurd add-on: installing Firefox is ridiculously easy. We promise.

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