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Engadget goes hands-on with CarPlay and other news from March 4, 2014

Sister site Engadget and other sites are starting to get a hands-on look at Apple's CarPlay system, one of the holdovers from last year's WWDC. As Engadget observes:

The first thing we noticed is how speedy everything is. Apps load quickly, and Siri's contextual algorithms hastily recognized our voice commands and responded appropriately. Apple has also implemented safety features to ensure services do not draw your attention away from the road and push forward its "hands-free" theme. For example, when we sent or received a message from a contact, Siri would only read the message back to us and we never once got the chance to see its contents.

You can see the full video above.

Other news from Tuesday afternoon includes:

And kick back with these features:

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