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Hanging up on Steve Jobs... twice


In a great thread on Quora about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs, Matt Rosen relays a charming story about how a friend of his hung up on the former Apple CEO twice, believing he was simply the target of a prank call.

As the story goes, the friend was working as an assistant to a powerful Hollywood agent where one of his tasks involved screening calls and keeping all the riffraff from getting in touch with his boss. So when the phone rang one day with a man on the other end claiming to be Steve Jobs, the assistant understandably assumed it was a prank caller and hung up.

And so Jobs called back a second time, where he was promptly greeted with a dial tone yet again.

The phone rings a third time.

Voice: "Hi. I know you don't believe me, but hang up, look at your Caller ID, do a reverse lookup of the number, and you'll see that it's from Apple. Call that number back and ask my assistant for me."

Lo and behold, it really was Jobs calling. As for the purpose of the call, Rose relays that the first batch of the "Get a Mac" ads starring Justin Long and John Hodgman had just run and Jobs wanted to talk to the agent, to whom Long was a client, about shooting more spots.

At the time, Justin was working on a film, so he or his agent had told the creatives working on the campaign that he was unavailable to shoot more. Steve was calling to ask if there was anything my friend's boss could do.

Speaking of Apple's Get a Mac ad campaign, if you have an incredible amount of time to kill, someone actually compiled all of the ads together into one YouTube video.

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