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Roku takes on Apple TV, Chromecast with new Streaming Stick, and other news for March 5, 2014

Roku has released a new Streaming Stick that aims to take on Google's Chromecast and, to a lesser extent, the Apple TV. The new iOS-compatible Roku Streaming Stick features a design that's similar to Google's Chromecast and, like the Chromecast and Apple TV, allows the user to stream content from an iOS or Android device right to their television. The Roku goes a bit further in the content department, however, as it offers over 1000 channels of entertainment including movies, TV shows, news, sports, and more.

While the Streaming Stick looks relatively sleek with its HDMI plug-and-play connection, the design is a bit deceptive. It also requires the user to plug the Streaming Stick into their TV's USB port as well, making connectivity to the TV a bit cumbersome. However, the Streaming Stick does offer an advantage over Chromecast by coming with a physical remote control. As for how it stacks up against the Apple TV, the Streaming Stick is US$50 cheaper, but it does not, as of this time, offer Apple TV's additional benefits, like being able to AirPlay your Mac desktop to your TV.

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