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SMITE dredges Scylla from the depths

Eliot Lefebvre

It's always the seemingly innocent ones. At a glance, SMITE's Scylla looks just like a pleasant little girl. It's only when you get into battle with her that she starts summoning her wolf-headed tentacles and you realize how inhuman she really is. Of course, you could also take Scylla for a spin yourself and learn to utilize her unassuming appearance and her varied snaring tactics to avoid being on the receiving end of a wolf-headed tentacle beatdown.

Scylla's passive ability improves her magical power for each max rank ability as well as an additional effect on max rank abilities. Her skills allow her to snare targets, spawn sentry locations and teleport to them, and transform into a lethally powerful form with massive attack power for one attack. You can jump past the break to see Scylla's abilities in action and watch some of her most useful options in group play.

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