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TUAW TV Live: Frog in the throat episode


No sooner has my co-host Doc Rock arrived back from the Far East than I have to hand over the magic ring of power to him again. I have some sort of nasty infection that seems to have settled in my throat, and even though I managed to croak my way through another podcast yesterday, today my voice is in such bad shape that I can't talk for more than a few minutes without feeling and sounding like I've swallowed gravel.

So your host for today will be the good Doctor, Mr. Shawn Boyd. I may get into the chat room just to make a digital appearance. I'll leave the topic(s) of discussion up to Doc for today.

To join in to watch the live feed and participate in the chat, just click here. You'll join us on the AOL On Network. If you can't watch the entire show today, come back to this page within 24 hours to see the latest video below. Past shows are also available on the TUAW YouTube channel.

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