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World of Tanks video shows off destructible physics, World of Warplanes update coming March 6

Jef Reahard

Wargaming has released an eight-minute look at its physics upgrades for multiplayer battler World of Tanks. If that doesn't pique your interest, how does a Sigmund Freud reference grab you?

The video's got one of those, and it leads into a destructibles discussion that's centered around the latest upgrades. Tank pilots can now punch through houses and watch them fall apart in real-time, and brick walls will even crack along the brickwork joints.

In other Wargaming news, World of Warplanes' 1.2 update is now live in Russia, with a western release scheduled for March 6th. Changes include an overhauled post-battle screen with detailed combat stats, built-in recording capabilities, and a new matchmaker system that should allow rookies to improve without competing against veteran pilots.

The WoWP press release and the WoT video are viewable after the break!

World of Warplanes Press Release

World of Warplanes Update 1.2 is now live in Russia and will be available in Europe and North America on March 6. Additions include a set of combat missions that will grant various rewards upon completing the listed requirements, an overhauled post-battle screen, providing players with detailed combat stats, and a built-in functionality to record and playback battles. Alongside new functionalities, players will also be introduced to a new matchmaker algorithm, the so-called "Sandbox", enabling rookies to master basic skills and tactics without competing against seasoned pilots.

Our one hour livestream will give players a closer look at the new features in Update 1.2, including exciting gameplay and Q&A with World of Warplanes Sr. Producer Gareth Luke and Wargaming America's PR Coordinator Jamie King. Viewers will also have a chance to win prizes such as joysticks and in-game gold codes.

When: Thursday March 6, 2-3 p.m., PST

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