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NASA taps Kerbal Space Program to replicate real space mission


The actual rocket scientists at NASA have joined forces with the virtual rocket scientists of the Kerbal Space Program to update the indie space simulation with legitimate technology and an actual, real-world, ongoing mission.

Kerbal Space Program: Asteroid Redirect Mission shares its name with NASA's ongoing attempt to land astronauts on an asteroid orbiting beyond our moon. Details on how this crucial effort will translate to the video game are currently scant, but representatives from NASA and Kerbal Space Program developer Squad will be on hand at the upcoming SXSW culture festival to offer the first public look at the update.

"Kerbal Space Program is about giving gamers the chance to dream big, even if they're not astrophysicists," wrote lead developer Felipe Falanghe. "This relationship with NASA, the very beacon of big dreams and imagination, is going to give players a real opportunity to learn about the universe we're living in."

Full details on when and where SXSW attendees can witness the demonstration can be found at the festival's website.
[Image: Squad]

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