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Azure Striker: Gunvolt coming to 3DS eShop this summer from Mega Man 9 studio


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Japanese developer Inti Creates (Mega Man 9, Mega Man ZX) will launch its latest game Azure Striker: Gunvolt via the Nintendo 3DS eShop this summer, with Mega Man character designer Keiji Inafune serving as executive producer.

Azure Striker: Gunvolt is a 2D side-scrolling action game starring a character with psychic powers, allowing him to harness the power of lightning for ranged attacks and other special abilities. The game shares much of its creative staff with Mighty No. 9, a Mega Man spiritual successor funded via Kickstarter last year.

Azure Striker: Gunvolt will premiere in the Japanese eShop (as Armed Striker: Gunvolt) this summer. A North American release date has not been confirmed, though the game's official website notes that an ESRB rating is pending.

[Image: Inti Creates / 4Gamer]

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