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GameStop raises price of PS4 Camera as supplies dwindle


GameStop has raised the price of the PlayStation 4's Camera peripheral, seemingly in response to supply shortages across multiple retailers.

Available at the PlayStation 4's launch last year for $59.99, GameStop now lists the accessory at $69.99. Retailers Best Buy, NewEgg, and Target report that the item is currently out of stock. Amazon has also exhausted its supply, leading to third-party resellers listing the peripheral at $99 or more.

The PlayStation 4 Camera enables voice-controlled navigation, and allows players to stream live video footage via Twitch during gameplay. Sony's free PS4 application The Playroom requires the peripheral to function.

Speaking to Polygon, a Sony representative declined to comment on a speculated shortage, but confirmed that the PS4 Camera is in high demand. "While we do not comment on the sales figures, shipment or monthly production quantity, PlayStation Camera remains in high demand, and we've been pleased with the camera's popularity among PlayStation 4 owners," the spokesperson said. "We continue to control our production according to market demand and increase the production as necessary to meet the needs."

We've reached out to GameStop for comment regarding the price increase, and await a response.

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