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'Ultimate space anime fantasy' Galak-Z plots course for a Vita near you


Galak-Z, a top-down shooter from Skulls of the Shogun developer 17-BIT, is now coming to the Vita handheld.

At PAX 2013, Dave took Galak-Z for a test drive through the cosmos and described the game as "like a sped-up version of Asteroids on psychedelic drugs." He praised the game's tight controls, sharp enemy AI and the omnipresent threat of something unexpected blowing your tiny ship into component bits before you're even aware of that stray laser blast or grumpy space worm. That last bit makes a lot of sense in light of a recent entry from Galak-Z producer Raj Joshi who names delightfully infuriating indie hits Don't Starve and Spelunky as key inspirations for the shooter.

Alongside the newly-announced Vita version of Galak-Z, 17-BIT remains committed to launching the game on both PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Unfortunately, the most concrete release window Joshi is willing to assign Galak-Z is sometime "later this year."
[Image: 17-BIT]

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