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Weekend App: Block Fortress: War brings real-time strategy to the original Minecraft-style Block Fortress game


Block Fortress: War debuted in the App Store this week and is the latest offering from development house Foursaken Media. Building upon the success of Block Fortress, the new Block Fortress: War game adds a real-time strategy component to the Minecraft-inspired game.

In true RTS fashion, Block Fortress: War tasks you with the challenge of destroying an enemy stronghold by building various units with different capabilities. A large selection of defensive turrets and offensive soldiers provide each player with a number of strategic options.

Block Fortress: War

Similar to the Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander series, each player has a "special" unit called the "Hero" that can deal out extra damage, take a lot of damage from enemies, and most importantly capture resource structures. By capturing and subsequently defending resource structures, the player obtains mineral resources that are used to purchase upgraded weapons and new abilities. The better weapons you, the easier it is to destroy the oncoming enemy horde.

Block Fortress: War offers deep strategy coupled with excellent graphics and well thought out gameplay. If you've been waiting for an RTS game that plays well on iOS devices, but is not dumbed down, then Block Fortress: War is the one. Don't be fooled by the 8-bit nature of the game, it is not easy to advance through the block levels.

The game is available for US$1.99 in the iOS App Store.

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