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Apple's OS 7.1 changes the Caps Lock key again


Apple's release of iOS 7.1 brings several new features, big and small, to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Something everyone will notice: The software keyboard's Caps Lock key has undergone yet another cosmetic change. Its function is the same, but its new looks threw me for a loop this afternoon. Here's what you can expect when upgrading to iOS 7.1.

As you can see, the older version of the key went from grey to dark grey. The new version goes from grey to white. I like the unity here. Now, both caps states are white. Previously, lower case and one-tap caps were the same light grey, and double-tap caps lock was dark grey. Now, lower case is grey and both caps and caps lock are white. Only the arrow icon changes.

It's a good change overall but will take some getting used to. I spent the first few minutes thinking I had caps lock engaged when I saw the grey key, and the white keys only added to the confusion. But now I see it was a good choice. The two caps states are the same color, while lower case has its own look.

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