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Character boosts available for $60 in-game


The level 90 character boost is now available in-game for $60. The in-game UI is up and running and the price is correct. The 90 boost allows you to take any character from 1-90, and if you're leveling a character that is level 60 or above, you'll get the Veteran Bonus that allows you to max two professions along with the level 90 boost.

The video above shows the full process, with instructions.

One thing it doesn't note that WoW Insider has discovered on boosting their own characters is that the professions issued to level 60 and above characters need to be learned in-game prior to boosting. If the character has no professions learned, the boosted professions will be randomly allocated by the boost UI, and cannot be changed from within it.

Lastly, if you're on a PvP server, there may well be players camping the boosted level 90 spawn point, either for world PvP, or, more likely, with the Censer of Eternal Agony. The guards have been buffed, but still cause no issues for a larger group. Fortunately your hearthstone takes you to the Shrine, so if you're encountering these issues you can use that to escape.

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