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Costume Quest 2 comes knockin' on Halloween


Costume Quest 2 is due out on October 31 for consoles and PC, courtesy of a partnership between developer Double Fine and indie publisher Midnight City. There's no word on which consoles Double Fine is targeting, specifically.

Costume Quest 2 stars Wren and Reynold, heroes of the original Costume Quest, plus an improved battle system and new costumes. The game is in full development right now, and once the team decided to go for it, work "got up and running really fast," Double Fine co-founder Tim Schafer tells IGN. This is Double Fine's first sequel.

Double Fine regained the rights to the Costume Quest IP in November, after losing them to Nordic Games when Costume Quest publisher THQ went under and held a bankruptcy auction in April.

We reviewed Costume Quest when it launched in 2010, and found it to be charming and "kind of magical."
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