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EA's CEO talks gaming modality, virtual reality futures

Jef Reahard

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson talked up his company's plans for virtual reality tech at last weekend's SXSW Gaming expo.

Wilson told Polygon that "there's clearly a desire to add a modality of play to the three we're focusing on." Said modalities include "lean back" which focuses on the living room experience, "lean in" which focuses on PC proximity, and "lean over" which relates to mobile devices.

"When I look at any of the VR devices, I look at that not in terms of 'what is that device going to deliver' but a desire for gamers to have a different type of modality," Wilson explained. "The 'get In' type of modality, right? That might be delivered to you through a headset or through some hologram that evolves out of your living room floor."

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