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One of Facebook's biggest science pages is becoming a TV show


Science TV shows are enjoying a small renaissance, it seems. Virtually in sync with the first episode of the Cosmos reboot, Facebook page and stand-alone website I F-ing Love Science (yes, we know how that's really written) has announced that it's getting a TV show on the Science Channel around the third quarter of the year. Late night talk show host Craig Ferguson will present the series, while page founder Elise Andrew (shown at center) will contribute behind the scenes. The TV deal is a testament to IFLS' online influence -- its Facebook page alone has over 10 million likes, and over 50 million people get the site's social updates every week. The show may only reel in a portion of that internet audience, but it still represents a victory for those who want more science in their living rooms.

[Image credit: Elise Andrew, Twitter]

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