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Jacksonville Jaguars get the world's biggest LED-lit HD displays, little else


The Jacksonville Jaguars don't exactly generate much excitement on EverBank Field. However, they'll soon have something attention-worthy above that field: a pair of the world's largest LED-lit, HD-capable displays. Daktronics is installing end zone screens at the stadium that each measure 362 ft. wide by 60 ft. high, handily eclipsing the 200 ft. by 80 ft. panel at Charlotte Motor Speedway. All that visual real estate will serve up to three HD replay videos at once, even as it shows the (likely dismal) score. The setup is overkill for a football team whose chances of a Super Bowl are currently very slim. Look at it this way, though -- at least the move gives the Jaguars something to lord over their more successful rivals.

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