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PS Plus weekly: Lone Survivor Director's Cut scares you for free


Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut is this week's free game for PlayStation Plus members. It's the gift of intense survival-horror and psychological thriller madness that keeps on giving, mostly when you're lying alone in bed, in the dark, and you spy one shadow just a tad darker than all of the others.

Lone Survivor has players attempt to escape a city overrun with a terrible disease, and they must make choices that shape the game – play it without resorting to violence or shoot everything you see, take drugs or stay sober, travel alone or collect potential allies along the way, watch your sanity or go mad.

Did that shadow just move?

The Spring Fever sale is still on, and Plus members get extra discounts. Towerfall: Ascension and Vessel launch with sales tomorrow, $12 and $8, respectively. Segments of the Call of Duty franchise are also on sale this week, along with Ethan: Meteor Hunter.
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