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    VideoGIF creates animated GIFs from your favorite home videos


    VideoGIF from PearlMountain is a lightweight Mac video editor that has a singular purpose -- to create animated GIFs from your favorite videos. Its basic toolset and intuitive controls make it easy to go from video clip to animated gif in a just few short steps.

    The app allows you to import a movie (mov, mp4) from your hard drive or webcam and then output a short section of that video as an animated GIF. Controls within the app allow you to crop the video or resize it for optimal output. You also can add a filter for effect and adjust common quality settings like saturation, hue, exposure and more. You can even overlay text if you are looking to add some humor or commentary to the clip.


    The controls to set the boundaries for the animated GIF are intuitive to use, but they can be finicky with longer clips. The video timeline is not zoomable, so you always see the full movie. This can make it difficult to hone in a specific frame, especially in a long video clip. I'd rather see a timeline that is adjustable so you can view a smaller section of the video at a time.

    Once you find your target frames, VideoGIF has a nice combination of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to move through the clip frame-by-frame as well as set the in point and the out point for the resulting GIF. You also can preview the selected clip in a loop to make sure your animated GIF captures the right sequence of frames.


    When you are ready to output the clip, you can adjust the frame count and frame delay to slow it down or speed it up. You also can reverse for an even more humorous effect. When exporting, you may have to tweak the settings to get the right effect and file size, which can be large. The two sample clips below were created with the default export options and are approximately 4 MB in size. Social options for sharing the animated GIF include messaging, email and Twitter.

    VideoGIF is available in the Mac App Store for US$4.99.



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