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You do not talk about Driveclub's release date (yet)


Once slated to debut alongside the PlayStation 4 in November of last year, next-gen racer Driveclub has adopted a low profile, like a Lamborghini Aventador in the witness protection program. Sony and developer Evolution Studios pushed the game back in October, saying they needed more time and work to perfect a shared vision of shiny cars.

According to a new exchange between IGN and Scott Rohde, development head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, the detail-oriented racing game has shifted "back to the drawing board" in pursuit of quality. Driveclub isn't ready to be shipped – not without doing customers a "disservice," Rohde said. He did not confirm a new release date, in 2014 or otherwise.

Joystiq has spoken to Mr. Rohde about PlayStation no-shows before, but Driveclub has a more prolific studio – and only one slip – behind it. Of course, if we see its metallic body coming over the hill, with a giant half-bird half-cat behind the wheel, we'll experience the end of two mysteries at once. That hasn't happened since we recorded two episodes of Murder, She Wrote onto a single VHS.

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