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Arma 3 is out to Win next week with final campaign episode


Arma 3 concludes its The East Wind campaign on March 20, when the military shooter launches its third and final episode, 'Win.' The episode brings an end to the story of NATO soldier Ben Kerry and his Omega squad, and the near-future conflict that's seen the Mediterranean swallowed up in huge, all-out war.

The episode also includes a separate mission called the Fixed-Wing Showcase. It's designed to get players acquainted with the two new aircraft being added in the update, namely the A-164 Wipeout and the To-199 Neophron.

Bohemia Interactive's announcement follows the news Dean Hall is to step down from DayZ development by the end of the year. The Arma 2 mod-turned-standalone remains a priority for Bohemia, who recently doubled the number of people working on the project.
[Image: Bohemia Interactive]

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