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Around Azeroth: Bacon, we sing your praises


"In Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A), all our ranks have a bacon theme and our mascot is Mr. Wiggles," writes guild leader Gimmlette. "A lot of us live in the northern part of the US and we have a number of Canadian members. This year's winter has seemed overly long, with lots of snow and very cold temperatures. (Guild chat often revolved around just how cold it was somewhere.) We noticed this in Dun Morogh, too, which kind of sank our collective spirits. Snow and cold, everywhere with intermittent blizzards."

"So, when the Love Is in the Air holiday came up, I thought a little culture was in order. We had a contest to write poetry about our love of bacon. The winners were, in order, Duellona and her epic Ode to Bacon; Worandpaws and his haiku to bacon; and Zylostout and Keyley and their amusing limericks to bacon. We decided to meet in Kharanos and raise a pint or two. But then they got an ice storm, followed by five inches of snow which effectively knocked out the power in town. We saved the beer but were forced to huddle around a fire for warmth. We were hungry and well, but now the guild mascot is bacon on the hoof."

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