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FiftyThree's Paper outfits sketches for iOS 7 with improved zoom and more


FiftyThree has updated its popular Paper (no, not that Paper) iPad sketching app for iOS 7, and the visual tweaks should be immediately apparent. In addition to the usual speedier menus and simplified icons, the outfit crafted a fresh design, claiming to have "polished every pixel." There's a lighter color options, vibrant journal covers, custom fonts and improved readability across the board. In terms of new tools, there are two key additions. First, the Zoom function features tools that adapt when you need to get a closer look at that doodle. Draw, Erase and other options adjust automatically for better control without the need to toggle an on-screen switch. Pressure sensitivity is now simulated in Draw and Erase based on how long you press down on the screen with a fingertip or stylus nib. If all of that sounds too good to pass up, the free app and its new version are available now over at iTunes.

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