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Surgeon Simulator to save or ruin lives on iPad tonight


Surgeon Simulator will launch on iPad tonight, providing the game follows the common trend for UK and US iOS app releases that hit the same day as New Zealand. The game is out now for New Zealanders, and has players guiding the shaky hands of returning surgeon-of-sorts Nigel Burke through operations on "the world's unluckiest patient, Bob."

The game includes a multiplayer mode, the heart and double-kidney transplants from the bloody PC version of the game as well as new teeth and eye transplant objectives. Given the game's new touch controls, developer Bossa Studios opted to hack away Nigel's left arm, so it no longer floats around the operating room in the iPad version. Those with iPad 4 devices or better can also record and upload their surgeries for the amusement of others. Surgeon Simulator will cost $5.99 for US players and £3.99 for wannabe doctors in the UK, according to Pocket Gamer.
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