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Nom Nom Galaxy puts the PixelJunk in Steam Early Access today


Last week, Q-Games announced a name change for the game formerly known as PixelJunk Inc. That game, Nom Nom Galaxy, launches on Steam's Early Access service today at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 12:00 p.m. EDT.

Additionally, Q-Games mixed up the standard approach to a Steam Early Access launch by offering up crowdfunding-style reward tiers through the PC game's site, giving players access to Nom Nom Galaxy and other PixelJunk games as well as bonus DLC materials and a spot in the game's credits. The $9 Early Bird tier is limited to 1,000 copies, and gives players a copy of the game as well as digital wallpaper. The Pioneer Pack tier offers the same rewards for $19.
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Kyoto, Japan - Q-Games, the developer behind the popular PixelJunk series of games on PlayStation Network and Steam, is excited to announce the Early Access release of Nom Nom Galaxy (#nomnomGALAXY) on Steam, March 13th. Nom Nom Galaxy, which bears the distinction of being the 8th title in the PixelJunk series, is also the first to make its debut on Steam, the first to be released via Steam's Early Access program, and the first time we're experimenting with crowd funding via KickStarter-styled perks on our Nom Nom Galaxy dev blog.

Previously known as PixelJunk Inc., the title Nom Nom Galaxy plays off the well known "nom nom" Nom Nom Galaxy brings a fresh combination of sandbox-styled platforming, base building, exploring, and tower defense - all elements found in classic PixelJunk games - to of enjoying something delicious in English, but also refers to "呑む - nomu" in Japanese, which means to drink lots.

Gamers assume the role of a simple "Astroworker" in an intergalactic soup corporation tasked with making the most delicious and profitable soup out of alien flora and fauna. Of course, each planet's native denizens aren't particularly keen on becoming canned products, so it's best to bring co-op partners to ensure survival!

We're bringing this unique PixelJunk mixture to the public early in order to give our loyal fans a chance to join us in the development kitchen. The NNG team, and intimate four-some lead by PixelJunk 4am programmer Tatsurou Sawa, artist Yamatron, long-haul director "Tomi" and of course all overseen by the galactic corporate boss, Dylan Cuthbert, see Nom Nom Galaxy as a universe that can only be made richer with feedback from fellow PixelJunkies.

Finally, we're offering a bevy of different crowd funding options for PixelJunk fans via the Nom Nom Galaxy dev. blog. Gamers who are quick can purchase Nom Nom Galaxy in a limited run specially priced Early Bird tier, which provides the alpha key on Steam plus digital wallpapers for just $9! Perks in other tiers include the soundtrack, other PixelJunk games on Steam, being able to direct the design of elements of Nom Nom Galaxy, and even a trip to Kyoto, Japan to have dinner with the dev team.

Nom Nom Galaxy is currently being developed for Steam on PC with an anticipated release later this year. Gamers can follow Nom Nom Galaxy's progress on our weekly developer's blog here,, and stay updated with new screenshots, trailers, and wallpapers.

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