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Platoon support now available to all Battlefield 4 soldiers


Following its initial debut at the end of last month, DICE has now revealed that Battlefield 4's platoons are available to anyone playing the game, whether they paid extra for a Premium membership or not.

Though the developer has saddled the feature with a genre-appropriate name, the "platoons" found in Battlefield 4 are essentially identical to the "clans" found in many other online games. Each platoon features a unique name tag and emblem, as well as a private Battlelog feed. Up to 100 players can join a single platoon, and each virtual soldier's success on the battlefield will contribute to the group's overall rank.

Those hoping to create their own platoon of hardened online warriors will find full details under the "Home" tab on the Battlelog website, while those hoping to join a ready-made group of likeminded virtual killers should pay a visit to the "Platoons" section of the Battlefield 4 forums.
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