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Rumor Roundup: Questionable content


It's been a pretty slow week for rumors, and there's been a surprising lack of pie-in-the-sky speculation about the iWatch lately.

iOS 7.1 builds for two new iPads 4,3 and 4,6 released, likely minor hardware revisions (9to5 Mac)

Two unreleased iPad model identifiers have shown up in iOS 7.1 code. Although this is often a signifier of forthcoming new hardware, it doesn't translate to new products 100 percent of the time.

Rumor: Design of Apple's new big-screen iPhone will be cross between iPhone 5c & 7th-gen iPod nano (AppleInsider)

Macotakara, the source for this report, is pretty hit-or-miss. It's had some pretty big and accurate hits in the relatively recent past, however, so unlike similar publications from that part of the world, it's still worth paying a smidgen of attention to them.

Apple job listings suggest cameras coming to Apple TV, hinting at motion controls (AppleInsider)

AppleInsider continues the recent rumor blog trend of reading far too much into Apple's job postings. If Apple puts out an advertisement for a Human Resources Manager, you can bet AppleInsider will step up to the plate to speculate that Apple will be taking steps to revolutionize the HR industry.

iOS 8: Apple works to further push iCloud as the future of the file system (9to5 Mac)

Since this came from 9to5 Mac's own sources rather than some analyst or other traditionally terrible source, this is likely true.

Questionable screenshots from China claim to show TextEdit, Preview, Healthbook apps in iOS 8 (AppleInsider)

Fake fake fakedy fake.

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