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Sony could show off its long-rumored VR headset at GDC next week


The appearance of Oculus Rift on the scene has done a great deal to increase the potential of VR, but new rumors indicate Sony is going to show off a headset of its own. Sony launched several head mounted displays (including the HMZ-T3W shown above), but so far hasn't released units with VR capabilities despite years of interest in the technology. Edge-Online cites unnamed developer sources claiming Sony will bring "Oculus Rift-beating" hardware to the Game Developers Conference 2014 next week, along with software developed by one of its first party studios. President of SCE studios Shuhei Yoshida, senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov and senior director Richard Marks are all scheduled to participate in a "Driving the Future of Innovation" panel where, according to the rumors, the device will be shown off. We've seen impressive gaming demos from Oculus including EVE: Valkyrie, but Sony brings significantly more resources and potentially developer support -- whatever it shows, we will be on the ground in San Francisco to get our hands and if necessary, faces, on it.

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