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Oculus, EA, others form Immersive Technology Alliance

Update: Although Oculus VR was listed as a member of the Immersive Technology Alliance in the group's press release, that appears to have been a mistake. An official statement from Oculus explains that "there was confusion on March 13 about whether Oculus was a member of the Immersive Technology Alliance. We've spoken with the ITA's leadership and clarified that we are not, and have not been, a member of the group." The original story is as follows.

Does worrying about the viability of virtual-reality enhanced gaming keep you up at night? Of course it does! You're probably wasting your time fretting about it though, because several companies, including Oculus VR, Electronic Arts and ... printer manufacturer Epson, have formed the Immersive Technology Alliance. It's like a Justice League for VR, except they're focused on the technology's sustainability instead of trying to scrape together ways to justify Aquaman's involvement.

In the press release announcing the Alliance's formation, the group's goal is said to focus on building a "vibrant and diverse industry that content makers can support on a wide scale." The Alliance recognizes that in order to this, they'll need to gather "commercial success, industry diversity, great content, compatibility, and a growing consumer base through joint education and outreach."

The group will host a mixer on March 20 during GDC 2014, presumably in a secret cave under the depths of San Francisco. Except ... San Francisco is about 50 feet above sea level. Well, they could always check into renting out the Avengers' Helicarrier.
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