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Persona Q, Pokemon Trozei 3DS XLs revealed for Japan

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It's kind of fun to anticipate special edition 3DS XL designs, except for when they don't end up reaching Western audiences. Two new XL handhelds were shown off this week, wearing the influences of the upcoming Pokemon Battle Trozei and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, respectively.

Serebii points out that, unlike most special edition XLs, the Trozei XL can't be found at retail - it's currently only obtainable by winning a Pokemon Daisuki Club competition, a Japanese fan club for pocket monsters. Considering that Western plans also haven't been announced for it while Trozei is only four days away from its North American release ... okay, we might be able to count this one out.

That leaves the Persona Q XL, which coats an argyle backdrop with Persona art and lines up the game's cast on its backside. This design will reach Japanese retailers and is priced at $250, with Persona Q bundled in. Now it just remains to be seen if the special edition XL will join the game when it reaches North America in Fall 2014. Considering we're still crossing our fingers for that Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call XL, we don't mind getting our hopes up once more ... nope, not at all.
[Image Credit: Atlus, The Pokemon Company]

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