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You'll need to Rush if you want to Roll with this Mega Man jacket

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Coming down the runway we have what is sure to be Summer 2014's biggest hit: a lovely jacket based on the Capcom character Mega Man, complete with removable helme-- er, hood, as well as yellow zippers along the forearms to imitate the buster gauge. This powerful, retro raiment is from Volante Design, and will sell for $200 apiece. That is, if demand is high enough.

Capcom has decreed that production on this jacket will be limited and based on the number of pre-orders received. Would-be wearers of the MegaJacket must defeat eight Robot Masters pre-order at least 200 men's cut hoodies and 100 women's cut hoodies by March 31. Otherwise it's back to the Start screen for this snazzy getup.
[Image: Volante Design]

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