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Devolver Digital unveils documentary series 'Super Game Jam'


Super Game Jam is an upcoming documentary series from publisher Devolver Digital that focuses on the impromptu efforts of pairs of indie game developers attempting to cobble together something interesting and fun in under 48 hours.

"Game jams have become an increasingly important part of the indie game development scene and our hope is to let everyone see what goes into these collaborations and explorations of themes through games," stated Daniel Oliveira Carneiro, a filmmaker who shares directorial duties on Super Game Jam with Bram Ruiter.

The format of Super Game Jam is simple: The series visits five cities, pairs up two indie developers, then grants them 48 hours to come up with something resembling a game. The only guideline they're given is a basic theme assigned by other developers. The goal here is to document the trials and tribulations of building a functional game in such a short amount of time, and to highlight the skills and interactions of the developers.

Super Game Jam will come available to the public in April. On release, each episode of Super Game Jam will be available for download from Steam alongside the game created by the indie developers who starred in that particular entry. More details on Super Game Jam, including a list of participating developers, can be found at its eponymous website.
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