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Scrabble-playing robot learns how to sass its rivals


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-- Transcript of staff appraisal for Robot PX31i

Hey PX31i, thanks for coming in, please take a seat!

So, I wanted to talk to you about your personal development today. No, don't look down, because you're great at moving heavy objects and scaring the visitors, but we're all worried about your work / life balance. Like, at the after-office party, you just sit in a corner, eyeing up the leftover filing and wishing you didn't have to talk to Dave.

We think you, you know, could be a little more personable. Like Victor, have you seen Victor? He's a research project to get computers to be more chatty. Victor's amazing, he's even got his own Twitter account. People think they're playing Scrabble with him but actually he's just showing off his impressive range of smack talk. Maybe you could watch the Wall Street Journal video tonight and come back tomorrow with a little more personality? Either that or maybe wear a fruity hat or something. Okay, that's all for now!

-- Transcript ends.

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