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Octodad: Dadliest Catch breaks 90K sales ahead of PS4 launch


Paternal poser Octodad: Dadliest Catch sold more than 90,000 copies on PC, Mac, and Linux since its launch in January, which means it also passed the octomark of 88,888 sales, and that's grand, too. Developer Young Horses is ecstatic with the sales figures, and president Phil Tibitoski said "our expectations have been met and then some to say the least."

"Our Kickstarter funds for Octodad went towards some business costs and conference booths," Tibitoski wrote on the game's blog. "Outside of that our 9 person team at Young Horses worked on Octodad: Dadliest Catch for free for 2.5 years while holding other full-time jobs. Our hopes were that we would make back the amount of money that we felt our time was worth and be given the opportunity to bring forth from our noodly noggins other weird stuff for our next game."

"This puts us in a position where we've been able to pay ourselves back for our time spent AND continue to pay ourselves in the future," he added on Twitter. "We no longer have day jobs, and it's looking like we'll get to make another game. Mission Accomplished."

The tentacular concept for Dadliest Catch is controlling an octopus who's trying to hide the fact he's not human. Not only is he not what he seems, but he's also a father with a lot to do, and you have to try and help him complete the challenges of daily life. We say try, but what we really mean is watch him sprawl around like a, well, octopus in human's clothing.

Dadliest Catch is expected to arrive on PS4 next month, with Move support adding to the mayhem. There's no word yet on a concrete release date.
[Image: Young Horses]

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