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Titanfall State of Service: Week One


This is State of Service, an ongoing review of the online service of a recently launched game. See our scored review of Titanfall here.

Tuesday, March 18 | T-minus 23 days until final verdict
Current State of Service: Good
Summary: Launch day problems resolved. PC experiencing limited issues. Australia receives dedicated servers.

One week out, Titanfall seems to be running strong. Isolated reports of lag and hanging matchmaking screens are reaching us, but the Joystiq staff is reporting no significant issues on either PC or Xbox One. The biggest complaint so far seems to be uneven matchmaking, with low-level players regularly being matched with high-level and even Prestige level players.

Some PC users with Belkin routers are still having trouble connecting, but Belkin offered a workaround that's less expensive than "buy a new router."

If you encounter any problems with Titanfall, let us know in the comments or on Joystiq's Twitter or Facebook accounts (use the hashtag #sos and don't forget to specify your platform!).

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