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Around Azeroth: Breaking the fourth wall


"There are a lot of things in this game we wish Blizzard would make permanent," writes today's submitter. "One of those is the jet pack from the goblin on the boat of the gunship battle in the Icecrown Citadel raid. Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) would really love to get their collective hands on jet packs. Oh, the fun we could have! Case in point. Hercules decided to fly off the Alliance ship toward the Citadel using his jet pack once the battle was over and, well, discovered a huge flaw in its construction. We suppose when you hire the previously dead to design and build your ultimate house of evil, what else can you expect? What little brain power left after reanimation is no match for the frozen north -- or goblin jet packs. Maybe Arthas could get his money back or something."

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