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Breakfast Topic: What you don't (or won't) miss

Players who have been around for a while will sometimes wax nostalgic about the days of vanilla, when everything was just so much better. But for all the old-timers -- myself included -- like to dwell in the past, I suspect most of us wouldn't want to repeat it. Though we like to look back on "the good old days" through rose-colored glasses, organizing 40 players for raids wasn't exactly a cakewalk and that's hardly the only complaint. Hunters needed bags of arrows (or bullets) for every raid, warlocks similarly needed bags of soulshards, mounts and pets took up bag space -- and our bags were smaller, not to mention the fact that void storage didn't exist. The only saving grace of vanilla's inventory management system was that transmog didn't exist, either, and there weren't any achievements to gain by collecting mounts, pets, or tabards.

And you probably shouldn't even get me started on the dramafest that was the opening of the gates of Ahn'Qiraj, an event that so perfectly amped up the stress levels of players in top guilds that you've got suspect it was specifically designed to raise their blood pressure. Or just leave them haunted by dreams of Peacebloom farming. Or both.

Still, we played, we persevered, and we even had fun -- but I'm happy to be playing the game we're playing now and the game we'll be playing in the future, when Warlords is released. So why don't you take off those rose-colored glasses, just for a minute, and talk about the things you just don't miss from the past (or the soon to be past).

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