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Here's the most popular colors in the App Store, and other news for March 19, 2014

The App Store offers more than a million apps, and the first thing a shopper sees while browsing is their icons. That first impression is important, and developers often spend a good chunk of time and money on designing a good one.

Icons aren't only used to identify their apps. Apple has created mosaics and other arrangements to great effect in marketing materials, cascading their colors together.

But have you ever wondered about the most popular color of app icons in the App Store? Brandisty has, and the results have been analyzed and sorted by category:

So we crawled the iOS app store and grabbed the top 5 app icons in each category and ran a histogram analysis on each one to find which colors were used most often. What we found was very interesting.

Blues and reds seems to be the most popular, but orange is hanging in there as well.

In other news:

  • Apple has been named the most valuable "billion dollar brand." I'm shocked, too.
  • OS X 10.9.3 beta is in developer's hands and with it, iTunes version 11.1.6. The beta release of iTunes features the return of the ability to sync contacts and calendar information (without resorting to iCloud, Exchange or Google's cloud services) to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from your Mac.
  • The Sega classic Crazy Taxi is free for iOS today only.
  • For all those business analytics fans out there, the Roambi data analysis and visualization service (and the accompanying analytics iPad app and Roambi Flow presentation app) are getting a new BFF today:'s enterprise cloud storage now has a direct connection to Roambi for quick and seamless graphing and PDF presenting on the go. Data sources on the Box side (or, with Box Sync, on your Mac or PC) can automatically update the analytics display within the Roambi app.

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