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The Daily Grind: What's your ideal time-to-kill?


There's a lot that I dearly love about The Secret World, but the length of combat is not included in that. Even standard mobs take far too long to down, and when you get up to bosses you could be spamming your attack skills so many times that you'll wear your fingertips to mere nubs. Contrary to what I've heard said in its defense, the length of these fights isn't an indication of higher challenge but of higher tedium. Still an awesome game, though.

Time-to-kill (TTK) isn't something we think about a lot when developers tune it right, but when we find ourselves matched against foes that take longer than they should to kill, it can get under the skin in a hurry. On the flip side are games where you're mowing down mobs too fast so that they aren't a worry at all, and that can lead to disastisfaction as well.

So what's your ideal time-to-kill? How long should it take you to down a standard mob at an equal level?

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